The Oakham Historical Association was established in 1899 by a group of individuals  interested in
recording and preserving the history of the Town of Oakham,  Massachusetts.  In 1995 the OHA moved
its collection of artifacts and documents from the Fobes Memorial Library to its new home, The Oakham
Historical Museum, located on  Old Turnpike Rd.

Since the Historical Association's move to its present location, members have spent countless hours
sorting through and cataloging thousands of documents, photographs, books, and maps, many of
which date back to the early 1800s.

Members of the Association also devote many hours to organizing a variety of events.  Some of our
recent events were a display and demonstration of antique musical instruments, a tour of the Center of
Oakham for the town's 5th-grade class, a bus tour of Oakham's cemeteries, an antique appraisal day,
and Coldbrook Walks.

In addition to these activities, the Association has researched, written, and published two books about
different eras in Oakham's history.  The latest projects have been the creation of the Oakham &
Coldbrook Springs tapestry-afghan, Oakham hats and visors, and a series of Cat's Meow collectibles
beginning with the Fobes Memorial Library and the Oakham Congregational church.

The Association's regular meetings are held at the Museum on the third Wednesday of each month,
with work meetings on the first Wednesday.  The museum is open to visitors one Sunday a month from  
May to October and by appointment.  The Association publishes a newsletter sent to members four
times a year.


Jeff Young, President
Bill Mucha, Vice- President
Kathy Young, Treasurer
Helen Bechan, Secretary
Linda Housman, Curator


Ken Housman
Wes Dwelly
Eva Grimes
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