Cat's Meow Collection:  We have the first two buildings in our Oakham Cat's Meow
collection, the Oakham Congregational Church and the Fobes Memorial Library.  Pricing
is based on date of construction.

Church - $18.14
Library - $19.07

Hats, “Oakham  est. 1762”, adj. size.  
Colors still available: navy blue, royal blue, dark green            
Price:$10.00                             Charge if Mailed:   $3.00        

Visors, “Oakham  est. 1762” visors, adj. size. Colors still available: red, purple       Price:
$10.00                           Charge if Mailed:     $3.00        

Oakham & Coldbrook Springs tapestry/afghan, 16 scenes, multi-color, 48” x 68”        
Price: $45.00                           Charge if Mailed: $10.00        

2003 Reunion CD, Oakham Center School, 200 photos includes identifications.       
Price: $10.00                              Charge if Mailed:$1.00        

Oakham, Massachusetts, 1900-1975 (soft cover), text and photos by the Oakham
Historical Association, publ. Deerfield Press, July 2003, 135pp.         
Price:$20.00                           Charge if Mailed: $2.00        

Images of America: Oakham, Massachusetts (soft cover), a pictorial history to 1900, by
the Oakham Historical Association, publ. Arcadia Publishing., 1998, 127 pp.        
Price: $18.99                              Charge if Mailed: $2.00        

The Settlement and Story of Oakham, Massachusetts (hard covers), by Henry B.
Wright & E.D. Harvey, public. 1944, 2 vol set, 1,552pp, includes early maps and the
genealogy of early Oakham families.       
Member: $85.00    Non-Member: $95.00                 Charge if Mailed: $5.00        

Vol. 1 only, The Story, 348 pp.       
Price: $40.00                         Charge if Mailed: $2.50        

Vol. 2 only, Genealogy of Early Oakham Families, 1204 pp.         
Price: $60.00                               Charge if Mailed: $ 3.50        

Soldiers of Oakham (hard cover), by Henry P. Wright, publ. 1914, covers the
Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War,  325 pp.   
Member: $30.00    Non-Member: $35.00               Charge if Mailed: $2.50        

Soldiers of Oakham in the Great War 1914-1918, (pamphlet), by Henry P. Wright,
29pp.       Price: $5.00                            Charge if Mailed: $1.00        

Independence Day in 1797 (pamphlet), by Henry P. Wright, 15 pp.        
Price:$4.00                             Charge if Mailed:$1.00        

Oakham in My Boyhood Days (pamphlet, by Chas.  M. Packard, Oakham’s 150th
anniversary, Aug 1912, 25 pp.     
Price: $5.00                         Charge if Mailed: $1.00        

Mug imprinted with picture of Museum        Price: $5.00        Charge if Mailed: $3.50        

Notecards with drawing of Museum, pkg of 5      
Price: $5.00       Charge if Mailed: $ 1.00        

Magnets, “Entering Oakham” sign       Price:$ 1.50          Charge if Mailed: $ 0.50     .       

Cup plates, green, Oakham’s 225th Anniversary  
Price: $5.00     Charge if Mailed:$ 1.00        

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Oakham, MA  01068
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