The Oakham Historical Museum Inc. is a non-profit  organization, whose purpose
is to preserve and protect as much of the Town of Oakham, Massachusetts' history
as possible.  Its members, also known as the Oakham Historical Association,  
regularly meet twice per month and are involved with various fund-raising activities,
as well as research of the town's past.

508 882 3111
Mailing Address:
Oakham Historical
PO Box 236
Oakham, MA 01068

Oakham Historical
1221 Old
Turnpike Rd
Oakham, MA
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New England Clock Making: From A Craft To An Industry

On Wednesday, June 14, at 7:00 p.m., the Oakham Historical
Association will host a presentation by clock historian and appraiser
Robert Cheney of Skinner, Inc.  He will trace the trade of
handcrafting mechanical clocks in the early 18th century to the birth
of the Connecticut clock making industry about 1825. Overcoming
poor training, war, and trade embargos which caused a total lack of
suitable raw materials, the New England clockmaker overcame
these difficulties and produced the most complicated object in the
18th century home. Mr. Cheney is a third generation clockmaker and
is currently Director of Clocks, Watches and Scientific Instruments
at Skinner, Inc.  He has made numerous TV appearances including
the PBS Antiques Roadshow and is the author of numerous articles
and reviews.  The talk will be held at the Oakham Historical Museum,
1221 Old Turnpike Road.   Guests will have the chance to see—and
hear—the antique William Crawford clock, now part of the Museum’s
collection.  This event is free and all are welcome.  Refreshments will
be offered.  For more information call 508-791-5823 or 508-882-3111.